Grandparent Respite Fund

This past year, we were blessed to receive the Grandparent Respite Fund right before Christmas. I want to make sure others in Connecticut are aware of this fund. The fund is based on available funding. The fund is for a Grandparent or other adult who has been appointed a guardian for relative children by the probate court. The child must live with you and you cannot receive monetary support by DCF. The money can be used for various things from basic care needs to housing expenses and transportation expenses. It is best to apply early as possible in the year. 

I applied late but was so blessed to receive some of the funds. We got the kids new mattresses, clothes, coats, and Christmas gifts among many other things. This blessing came 3 to 5 days before Christmas. It was one of the best Christmas’s we had in a long time. We have guardianship over two children, however we have 7 other children that we try to buy gifts for. That is another long story with my other nieces and nephews. 

If I remember correctly the application will ask you for the household income and expenses, who lives in the home, and what the funds will be used for. 

Here is the link below:

Grandparent Assistance CT 


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